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Instead a mixture of tools will be used and combined to get a varied view of the candidate’s abilities.However if a critical reasoning test is used at the early stages of the recruitment process, it may be that this is being used as a screening tool, and poor performance may screen that candidate out at that early stage.Critical reasoning tests, also known as critical thinking tests, are psychometric tests commonly used in graduate, professional and managerial recruitment.

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This is an intense test, focusing primarily on your analytical, or critical thinking, skills.

Some tests are still conducted by paper and pen, but, just like other psychometric tests, critical thinking tests are mostly administered online at home or on a computer at a testing center.

Practise helps to increase your confidence, gives you a chance to learn from your mistakes in a risk-free environment, and can reduce stress before an exam.

The best place to get advice on taking a critical thinking tests is the test publisher's website, for example this one for the Watson Glaser.

Below the details of a few companies' critical thinking tests are pointed out.

The practise tests that we have cover all of the sections of the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking test and these overlap with many of the variations in Critical Thinking tests produced by major publishers.

If you have already successfully passed a few initial stages of the application process, it's unlikely that companies will focus solely on your results in the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking test when deciding whether or not to hire you.

This type of selection by results on one test is more likely if it is part of the early stages of the process.

Critical thinking tests are used to measure a candidate's fit for a role, so being rejected after taking a test means that the role is not a good fit for you.

Initially developed by Goodwin Watson and Edward Glaser, The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Test (WGCTA) understands and measures a candidate’s critical thinking skills.


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