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The authors worked with a group of 59 international students from different L1 backgrounds and aged between 13 and 16.

To introduce a context for the vocabulary, the students were forced to watch the film (apologies if my personal opinion of that film is given away by my choice of words) and then given a cloze test to determine their knowledge of the study’s target lexis of 34 words and 8 phrases, including ‘indescribable’, ‘perish’, ‘frigid’, ‘maiden voyage’ and ‘make a fresh start’.

Language is sequential speech is a sequence of sounds whereas writing is a sequence of symbols.

To produce a good piece of writing, learners need to enrich their vocabularies.

The importance of developing the vocabulary learning skill is the most essential skill for foreign language learners.

Language is sequential speech is a sequence of sounds whereas writing is a sequence of symbols. more The importance of developing the vocabulary learning skill is the most essential skill for foreign language learners.

So how can we scaffold students’ vocabulary development so they not only remember words and their meanings, but also use them in the right place at the right time? fluency in selecting context appropriate words and using them in grammatically correct ways.

This question lies behind a research paper by Lee and Muncie (2006) in which they find that improvement in both vocabulary use, and their students’ essays overall, can come out of an integrated skills approach to vocabulary instruction that involves extensive scaffolding, as well as explicit explanation, reading, discussion and targeted writing activities. With this in mind, Lee and Muncie developed a four-stage process for exploring effective ways to introduce of vocabulary and help students include it in their writing.

While the authors readily admit that their study cannot elucidate the processes which take place as vocabulary is encountered, learned and moves from receptive understanding to productive use, what is clear is that “encountering new or advanced vocabulary in reading and teacher explanation of vocabulary was not sufficient for it to become productive” (p. Moreover, they note that improving vocabulary use is not a simple task and that multiple exposure to target lexis is almost certainly a prerequisite for it being adopted by learners.

They also suggest that using an “integrated skills approach, integrating reading, writing and vocabulary, makes vocabulary learning durable and improves writing quality” (p. I specialise in teaching EAP so as I was reading this research paper and thinking about writing this post, I focused on how the findings resonated with my own teaching experience and whether they could influence my own teaching practice.


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