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Put mildly, Pakistan isn’t following the optimal trajectory posited by democratic consolidation theory.

Uncertainty and unpredictability remain entrenched and till they do, they will tend to skew political incentives towards short-term parochial gains.

When a fundamental political, social, or cultural idea spreads as is the case of the idea of democracy, it also gives birth to new versions, views, methods, which as well as strengthening democracy, give it a much-needed sense of conflict, so it can keep growing and expanding.

So, the question we must ask ourselves in relation to this is, "Where is our conflict with the ever-changing idea of democracy, what parts of this idea reflect our views, and where do we see the need for change?

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" and perhaps the question for others should be, "Does democracy really exist?

"An idiom is an expression, word, or phrase which has a figurative meaning that is conventionally understood by the native speakers.

When they brought it out they all needed to lend a hand because it was so large. All the class were a nail biting, bundle of nerves and said they just wanted to know if they had passed and didn`t want to clean out their desks just yet.

She said, “Oh, you were barking up the wrong tree asking me to give you your report cards early, but telling you if you have passed is a horse of a different color, I tell you that you all passed and will be going on to the next grade”. Now their teacher was a bundle of nerves, worrying if she had done the right thing and wondering if the principal would find out.


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