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He was able to smile in response to external stimuli in his first few months.He would smile when he saw a familiar face or when playing with toys.My Virtual Child Divya Joshi U5827326 MY VIRTUAL CHILD 1 Q: As the program ends, what developmental pathways did your child take?

He was able to smile in response to external stimuli in his first few months.He would smile when he saw a familiar face or when playing with toys.My Virtual Child Divya Joshi U5827326 MY VIRTUAL CHILD 1 Q: As the program ends, what developmental pathways did your child take?

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To my great pleasure, Lakshya developed an imaginary companion at age 4.

He started blaming his mistakes on his companion and my accepted them as they were essential steps in development [CITATION Sei97 \p 137-154 \l 1033 ].

At age 18, Lakshya had grown to be a conscientious and emotionally stable individual.

MY VIRTUAL CHILD 3 understand object permanence until 18 months old, whilst Baillargeon’s theory [CITATION Bai85 \p 191 \l 1033 ] suggests object permanence in children as young at 3.5 months old.

Past two years of age, he had begun learning from environmental events by way of manipulating images and symbols.

For instance, at 2 ½ years a neighbor’s cat had scratched him painfully that he swore never to go back there even though he still liked the neighbors.As Lakshya grew older, he developed a strong emotional bond with both his parents, preferring his mother. When Lakshya’s younger sister was born, Lakshya displayed some jealous behaviour, which in turn changed to protective behaviour.He would insist that his sister sleep in the same room as him and would talk to her and play with her often, suggesting a growing emotional bond between the two.By ten years of age, he was very popular and active at school with a particular interest in visual aspects and basketball.Bolby and Ainsworth argue that the strong parent-child attachment is attributable to the proportion of time that is spent together explain these developments (Cherry 1). It evoked a desire for me to get to learn more not only for the sake of coursework but also for my future engagements.In this paper, I will review my journal as I try to understand the effects of the authoritative type of parenting style that I used. I was worried at first about the idea of simulating a virtual child development project as I had inadequate experience dealing with children.Nonetheless, as time progressed, I began seeing the significance of parents understanding a child’s development needs and responding appropriately.That is, it is a point in time where Sooah understood his environment by representing events as objects (JRank 1).By 5th grade, he was already a top performer in mathematics with his overall performance surpassing that of his average peers.


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