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Why start grappling with the finite and possibly illusory self? The essays I have chosen were written between 1919 when Woolf was when she was 58.During this time, Woolf changed, many times over, her opinions changed, her circumstances too; she was not a fixed entity, reiterating a rigid and immaculate position each time she picked up her pen.Between 19 she produced her finest masterpieces, including Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, Orlando and the experimental The Waves.

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She’s also had short stories and essays published in The New York Times, New Yorker, The Guardian and The London Review of Books.

But she took her essay writing very seriously, spending a great deal of time on each essay and finding they provided a refreshing diversion from fiction.

Julia Margaret Cameron, her aunt and one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 19th century.

Both Julia Jackson’s first husband, Herbert Duckworth, and Leslie’s first wife, a daughter of the novelist William Makepeace Thackeray, had died unexpectedly, leaving her three children and him one.

Julia Jackson Duckworth and Leslie Stephen married in 1878, and four children followed: Vanessa (born 1879), Thoby (born 1880), Virginia (born 1882), and Adrian (born 1883).

While these four children banded together against their older half siblings, loyalties shifted among them.

Clarke brings fresh light to Woolf's essays and enriches them with variations.

This penultimate volume forms part of an indispensable, unique collection from one of our greatest writers.

Each self exist once on earth, in one moment of collision with everything around – Reality, Society, the beauty, ecstasy and tragedy or ordinary life.

Each one of us speaks of ‘myself’ and ‘yourself,’ distinguishing the lone self from a bewildering array of other selves.


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