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Upenn Creative Writing-45
The class is structured along familiar discussion/workshop designs.

This course is designed both for students who have little background in science and for science and pre-med students who want to become stronger writers.

Through a series of readings, writing activities, and workshops, we will explore the art of navigating health and medical research, crafting our own original pieces of reporting.

Class guests will include prominent journalists, scientists, and economists.

Narrative collage: because the most interesting journey isn’t a straight line.

We'll read some essays that are built along traditional lines (chronological, logical, etc.) and some that are segmented and nonlinear.

Upenn Creative Writing Nonverbal Listening Skills Essay

You’ll write several essays, drawing from your experience in idiosyncratic and unpredictable ways.

How do we decide what to include and how do we justify what we exclude?

We will think about how to integrate what we know about ourselves and the world now into stories that happened in the past.

In this workshop we’ll explore fiction and creative nonfiction using nontraditional techniques including nonlinear segments, multiple voices, found texts, and more.

We’ll dig into readings from a wide range of sources, from Sei Shōnagon’s 10th century Pillow Book through George Saunders’s 2017 novel, Lincoln in the Bardo.


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