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After 20 minutes, the agent returned and asked me more details about grad school and my visa status.She told me that the computer system has absolutely no record of me applying to extend my student visa, and no record of an extension ever being granted.Somehow, from outside the UK, you have to get them to change the records. If not, petition a UK MP with Home Office connections. They make enough money off foreign students so it should be in their interests.

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It took about a week of phoning during working hours and hanging on through a menu system for at least 20 minutes each time before I got to speak to someone who had any idea of what to do.

Assuming you have a US passport, even if you are not entering on the basis of a student visa (which you shouldn't if you are just visiting your husband), you are able to enter UK visa free?

Once the spouse gets the EU residence card they can then live anywhere in the EU including the UK!!!!!

Yeah, the problem will be that their records show you as an overstayer.

Earlier this week, I entered the UK to visit my British husband who is currently living in Wales.

At Heathrow passport control, my passport was flagged and the agent went into a back office to research my details.

If the border agent couldn't find any evidence for my biometric card existing, I don't know how to prove that it exists.

Do I have the right to enter based on my British husband? The US Embassy won't want or be able to help you in any way.

I hope this is the right forum, I wasn't sure if it should go in general travel or security. Initially I had a 3 year student visa, but I extended it for a 4th year to write up my thesis.

I finished my degree and left the UK 6 months into the 1 year extension.


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