Thesis Statement Question Answer

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In this chapter, you will follow a writer named Mariah as she prepares a piece of writing. The first important step is for you to tell yourself why you are writing (to inform, to explain, or some other purpose) and for whom you are writing.

Write your purpose and your audience on your own sheet of paper, and keep the paper close by as you read and complete exercises in this chapter.

If you think that a blank sheet of paper or a blinking cursor on the computer screen is a scary sight, you are not alone.

Many writers, students, and employees find that beginning to write can be intimidating.

My purpose: ____________________________________________ My audience: ____________________________________________ When selecting a topic, you may want to consider something that interests you or something based on your own life and personal experiences.

Even everyday observations can lead to interesting topics.

These can all provide inspiration for your writing.

Reading plays a vital role in all the stages of the writing process, but it first figures in the development of ideas and topics.

Prewriting strategies depend on your critical reading skills.

Reading prewriting exercises (and outlines and drafts later in the writing process) will further develop your topic and ideas.


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