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Transnational cinema is a developing concept within film studies that encompasses a range of theories relating to the effects of globalization upon the cultural and economic aspects of film.It incorporates the debates and influences of postnationalism, postcolonialism, consumerism and Third cinema, A key argument of transnational cinema is the necessity for a redefinition, or even refutation, of the concept of a national cinema.

This fall event offers the opportunity for Cinema Studies majors and minors to learn about the broad array of professional opportunities available through the Cinema Studies B. degrees, as well as the key skills and training needed to excel in these fields.

The evening includes guest speakers and a networking mixer.

In addition, students will be well-prepared to pursue cinema studies or other academic disciplines at the graduate level. OU Cinema Studies students are strongly encouraged to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities to enrich their college experience and to develop valuable technical, interpersonal and professional skills outside of the classroom.

For more information about OU Cinema Studies, please contact Professor Andrea Eis at [email protected] Getting involved includes attending on-campus Cinema Studies events, applying for internship opportunities and becoming a member of one or more of the student organizations listed below.

with a solid base in film history and theory joined by a specialized sequence of filmmaking courses.

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OU Cinema Studies offers a number of venues through which students may share their creative work and film criticism with a broader audience.If you do not complete the thesis by the University's deadline for submissions in 898 in spring of the second year, the course is carried over as a form of incomplete (SP Satisfactory Progress).When you finally submit the approved thesis, you then submit a Request for Grade Change form to have the "incomplete" (SP) removed and a grade of "pass" recorded.THE MA THESIS PROPOSAL AND THESIS: CINEMA STUDIES PROCEDURES AND FORMAT 1.Two courses support the MA Thesis: Cine 897 and Cine 898.The trip provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to experience the contemporary world of cinema in an up-close and intimate way.Contacts: Professor Brendan Kredell ( [email protected]) and Professor Courtney Brannon Donoghue ( [email protected]).The thesis is typically a written research paper of no more than 35 pp maximum on a topic that you research and develop with faculty guidance.Ideally, you will begin to plan your thesis in 700 and perhaps in 610 (Senior Seminar devoted to research projects) during the first year, before enrolling in 897, so that you can submit a Proposal for approval well before the end of the fall term in second year and then proceed to complete research and begin the writing phase before or during the December-January break.Contact: Professor Courtney Brannon Donoghue ( [email protected]).These workshops give attendees a chance to gain valuable experience in specialized areas of digital film production and post-production through close interaction with faculty and industry professionals.


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