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New hires rarely manage to maintain a research and publication program, and as a result, either those ambitions are abandoned, or the new hires leave. The most active and credible scholars and writers in this department carry the heaviest teaching loads, while the lightest teaching loads are given to those who are favored by the administration, those who agree to join the ranks of the program administrators, and those whom the term "deadwood" fits neatly. Also note that this department will have you do a "teaching" demonstration that amounts to little more than trying to run a class discussion with members of the search committee pretending to be students.

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Dissertations & Theses @ is a service for universities whose graduate students actively publish their doctoral dissertations and/or master's theses with Pro Quest Dissertation and Theses Dissemination.

By making video content more discoverable and accessible, academic libraries have an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their institution’s rich heritage and to enhance teaching and research on campus and in the global academic community.

The limited number of minority faculty often suffer a lot from all the double standards they face on a daily basis.

To cover up their pure whiteness, some departments even start putting black janitors on their faculty/staff page.

In conclusion, if you are not white, have no ties with the Carolinas, or simply don't want to see a confederate flag every day on your way home, but somehow got a job at Furman, RUN!

The CSUN English department does not value quality teaching or active scholarship.Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) Global is a critical element of academic library research collections.An extensive and expanding collection, PQDT Global provides visibility of breakthrough research from the world’s premier universities.New hires are routinely told that their research will be supported. They are given an initially lightened teaching load, then after a year or two pressured into department-level, college-level, and university-level committee work on top of a 4-4 teaching schedule.When the 4-4 becomes too much, some of them are offered program administration positions in return for a reduction in teaching load. Ask, if you interview here, how much of a role your research will have in this department, and how much of a role the research, if any, of the search committee members plays in this department.If you still somehow naively believe that Furman is the right place for you to live your Dead Poets Society dream, my post may likely break your heart.Long story short, Furman is simply a family school intended for a bunch of privileged yet minimally talented white kids.After putting in more time than I have on any other application, I was selected to do a “digital interview” which was outsourced to a company called Hire Vue.This company uses AI to rank candidates on such things as word choice, facial expression, and “eye contact.” I can see how this technology can be useful for large corporations who field tens of thousands or millions of applications per year.Aside from rushing the interview without having introduced themselves or having asked me about my background, etc., the search chair was rude and dismissive from the very beginning.None of them seemed to know who I was, i.e., name, institution, experience, nor did they seem to care.


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