Thesis 2.0 And Buddypress

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This is particularly awesome for Buddy Press developers because it will allow them to internally extend bb Press to fit the specific needs of their own custom Buddy Press components as they see fit.

With all this going on, the loose expectation is for Buddy Press 1.2.6 to roll out asap with a few bug fixes and maybe even a small new enhancement or two, with 1.3 to follow by the end of the year.

When that happens, additional features will be available to you to help create the kind of community that you’d like to have, instead of forcing forums to be tucked away into Buddy Press discussion groups.

The end result will be two plugins working harmoniously together, to easily enable setups where bb Press forums can be created for any other kind of object, component, or plugin.

Or come to that, Topic: bb Press 2.0 Thesis Compatibility · bb Has anyone been able to get bb Press 2.0 and the Thesis theme to work together?

Thesis 2.0 And Buddypress

Can anyone give me a nice easy way to pull BBPress into a Thesis page?Since Buddy Press 1.1, bb Press has come bundled in the package to help make the installation as smooth and easy as possible.Through a little bit of massaging we successfully integrated bb Press into a dedicated forum component to allow for group discussion, and we included a central discussion directory to help put all of these topics in one easy place.Our goal with me giving some attention to the bb Press plugin project is to keep it tightly integrated with Buddy Press, but have them act totally independently or alone if necessary.This means in a future version of Buddy Press, bb Press will no longer come packaged in the download, and both plugins will be aware of each other being Press 1.2 (the plugin) should be stable enough to start testing as soon as September 15 (give or take a few days and/or missing features) with a full release due around the same time as Buddy Press 1.3.If you would like an attractive internet style that you just will customise from the comfort of your Word Press dashboard, Thesis Skins area unit the solution you’ve been craving for.If you run bb Press 2.2.4, bb Press中文社区 & Word Press中文社区(分享交流技术,插件,主题,汉化等)Thesis 2 Boxes – Free and Premium Thesis Theme Boxes Need Thesis 2 Boxes? Open Hook — Word Press Plugins I upgraded from Open Hook 2.x.x; allowing for arbitrary code in Thesis 2’s skin editor [changed] Open Hook is now programmed as a class to allow bb Press bb Press Codex Codex.Welcome to the bb Press Codex, the online manual for bb Press and a living repository for bb Press information and documentation.Part of this initiative is the conversion of bb Press from a standalone platform into a neat little Word Press plugin.I’ve volunteered to lead that initiative, and wanted to take a moment to explain what that means for Buddy Press, bb Press, and what you can expect for the next few months.


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