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A strong judiciary can bring the misuse of power to book.Education system should be so oriented as to inculcate the spirit of co-operation and sympathy and eliminate authoritarian tendencies among the students.In general, it’s much easier to stand out on the basis of how you approach your topic than what you say.

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There are so many ways to succeed at these essays, so long as you keep your approach interesting.Power means influencing others against their wills.Controlling others, ruling over others, making others comply with one's desires or wishes - all these acts are inherently pleasurable.Most high school students lead lives that don’t deviate too far from the norm – except that one quiet guy in your class who sits next to the window near the back.He’s almost certainly either a genius mech pilot or the subject of some prophecy in an alternate dimension that he’ll be transported to.Recent Hawala Scandal in India which has come to light shows the depths of immorality and dishonesty to which the top politicians of the country have fallen.Central Bureau of Investigations has charge-sheeted former Union Ministers and renowned leaders of opposition for obtaining lakhs of rupees from a capitalist.Therefore, a man who acquires power wants to become more and more powerful to maximize his pleasure by making offers instruments as well his will. Even saints and sages are not immune to the corrupting influence of power.Petty government officers are corrupted by power over their clients.Now, it’s certainly that you happen to be that guy, and I definitely encourage you to highlight any uncommon experience you’ve had on your essay. Everest or visited space or helped cure a rare disease, then yeah, you should probably mention that at some point.However, most people don’t have such novel experiences. Don’t think that your life is too “boring” to provide material for a great essay. As I mentioned before, it’s best to start with brainstorming.


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