The Jungle Essay

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As a result, the tuberculosis-infected hog meat never left Packingtown.

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“It was a nasty job killing these, for when you plunged your knife into them they would burst and splash foul-smelling stuff in your face.” According to law, diseased meat could not be sold out of the state.

However, there were no laws restricting its sale inside the state.

Of course we all know that Sinclair did in fact get his point across to the people of America when the government passed the Pure Food and Drug Act.

Sinclair uses this book to get more than just a message of disgusting meatpacking plants.

Police brutality against the refugees is common, hundreds of injuries are attended to each day.

Twenty-four of the refugees died attempting to get to the UK from Calais last year.

These animals existed in very poor conditions, especially the “sterrly” cattle that developed boils.

The conditions of the plants seem completely horrible, but I think that Sinclair exaggerates his views of the meatpacking plants to get the message across more blatantly.

The Jungle describes the horrors of the meat packing industry in great detail.

People were forced to work from sunrise to after sunset.


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