The Essays Of Arthur Schopenhauer The Art Of Controversy

The Essays Of Arthur Schopenhauer The Art Of Controversy-33
I must also confess to having taken one or two liberties with the titles, in order that they may the more effectively fulfil the purpose for which titles exist.

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"Dialectic is the art of intellectual fencing; and it is only when we so regard it that we can erect it into a branch of knowledge." "Truth is in the depths.

At the beginning of a contest each man believes, as a rule, that right is on his side; in the course of it, both become doubtful, and the truth is not determined or confirmed until the close.

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A selection of them was given to the world some three of four years after his death by his friend and literary executor, Julius Frauenstädt, who for this and other offices of piety, has received less recognition than he deserves.

The papers then published have recently been issued afresh, with considerable additions and corrections, by Dr.

Here were some of my favourite parts:• “Arabian proverb which tells us that on the tree of silence there hangs its fruit which is peace”.

• “Finally, it is for the same reason that great superiority of mind isolates a man, and that those of high gifts keep themselves aloof from the vulgar (and that means every one); for if they mingle with the crowd, they can communicate only such parts of them as they share with the crowd, and so make themselves _common_.

The true conception of Dialectic is, then, that which we have formed: it is the art of intellectual fencing used for the purpose of getting the best of it in a dispute."I have to admit that this got better and better the more I read into it.

It started off by talking about the art of dialogue and logic and tricking others with your words but then it got into the swing of it.


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