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These characters and their stance on the past and present were catalysts for introducing these themes....

[tags: the alchemist, paulo coelho] - Santiago guides his flock throughout the fields of Andalusia.

A character in both novels long to relive their pasts but at the same time are okay with keeping things as they are.

One of The Alchemist’s themes is about achieving one’s Personal Legend; and one of A Catcher in the Rye’s themes about the pain of growing up.

Paulo Coelho, the author of the Alchemist, calls this desire a personal legend.

Everyone, when they are young, knows what their personal legend is, and at that point in their lives everything is clear and possible.But by the end of the novel Santiago completely trusts his heart to guide him though life.Santiago’s story shows him learning and living out the theme of the novel.According to his book, while comparing world's mythology, he found that no matter how far cultures are from each other, they will still have the same structure of hero's journey in their legends (Voytilla vii)....[tags: Joseph Campbell, The Monomyth] - “ Where your treasure is, there also will be your heart”(159).He finds an old abandoned church and churchyard where he and his flock can spend the night.He sleeps on the stone floor using his book as a pillow. He often reflects about what he has learned from his sheep and what they have learned from him.On his journey Santiago meets several significant male characters that play very important roles in the development of his character, his journey, and his story.There are only a few female characters in The Alchemist, as men dominate the story; however, one of these female characters also plays a very significant role in Santiago’s story.- The Theme of “The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coelho is, always follow your dreams and listen to your heart.At the start of the novel Santiago does not know what he should do when he is confronted by his dream.


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