Teenage Alcoholism Essay

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The results of the experiments on animals and people volunteers show that even one small dose of alcohol can break the brain chemical mechanism, which is responsible for learning.

Later it provokes thinking retardation, breaks development of the moral and ethical standards, some abilities can disappear.

However, do not underestimate the harm of alcohol for a young body, even if a teen drinks just beer or canned cocktails.

Kick in the brain Ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages influences the brain that during adolescence is at the stage of structural and functional changes, that is why it is extremely vulnerable to the effects of chemicals.

Kick for the future Sexual contacts without contraception among adolescents usually happen when they are drunk.

Such “random contacts” may lead to infection with sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis B and C, HIV infection.

Teens’ motives for drinking alcohol Nowadays growth of consumption of alcoholic drinks by teenagers is noticed all over the world.

In this regard, in many countries of the world more and more attention is paid to the problem of the spread of alcoholism among young people, scientists conduct studies to examine the motives of the use of alcoholic drinks by teenagers, to identify the factors that contribute to the development of alcohol abuse by teenagers.

Many researches that study these issues were carried out abroad and many underage drinking essays were written.

The data indicate widespread use of alcohol by young people abroad.


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