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Also, Taekwondo has become a sporting event in many major sporting competitions.But mainly, Taekwondo provides people with sporting and self-defending ability and gives that person an edge in daily life, with its merits as a martial art sport of self-discipline.

I went away after day one feeling overwhelmed, but knowing I was hooked. One in particular that I have learned is that TKD is a gift. Thank you for helping me through one of the most difficult years of my life.

Self-defense training does not always have to be 100 percent self-defense training.

Although, you really do not get instruction on self-defense when doing drills, forms, or sparring, those practices are just another way of learning self-defense and improving your skill of self-defense.

I needed a different way to incorporate a daily workout that is important to me to keep up a healthy lifestyle. The classes in the beginning were physically intense.

I got headaches often from thinking about the classes all day and having a tough physical workout looming over me throughout the day.


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