Sylvia Plath Poetry Analysis Essays

Plath often looks at the cycle of life from birth through to death: as death is a cycle, it may not be the end, but rather, a new beginning.

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In her 1960 poem “Black Rook in Rainy Weather,” American-born Sylvia Plath relays the feeling that a miracle has alighted in the form of a black rook.

The bird’s beauty takes her off guard in a preternatural way on an otherwise dreary day, and she...

Poetry by definition is a superior form of creativity in writing, not a string of self-indulgent, autobiographical ramblings.

When we label Plath's work as such, it loses its value as art and disappears as poetry.

Antagonistic relationships are as human as harmonious relationships, perhaps even more so.

‘The Rival’, a powerful poem by acclaimed American poet Sylvia Plath, centers around a universal theme of rivalry and conflict, masterfully depicting the...

In the two poems, "Spelling" by Margaret Atwood and "Words" by Sylvia Plath, words are described in terms of power: the power to create, to penetrate, to move, and to destroy.

Both poets invoke images of words as connected to time and forces of...

In her poem “Daddy”, Sylvia Plath speaks to her deceased father, explaining to him how his death caused her pain throughout her life and why she needs to “Kill” him.

Sylvia Plath's father died when she was very young. 1963 was a particularly important year for American Confessional Poetry Movement for one of its chief proponents, Sylvia Plath famously committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, sticking her head inside the oven and leaving behind a...


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