Strategies Of Problem Solving

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If you want to speed up delivery of goods to retailers, draw a diagram showing the steps in the process.

Creating a model of a problem or relevant process helps us focus on essential elements and gives us the potential to alter the model and see what happens.

If the problem is that your bike squeaks when you ride it, determine what part squeaks.

Sometimes we can see the problem and all its important details right in front of us. Other times we can't see important elements because they have already occurred or are not visible.

For instance, if you want to minimize harm to individuals in auto accidents, create a computer model of the structures and forces involved. If you want to reduce international strife, create a model of causes.

Imagination can help us understand a problem by visualizing it.However, we can keep only some much visual information in our minds at once.Hence, it is often useful to draw a picture or diagram.So identify the key elements of the problem before you start looking for a solution.If the problem is that of a couple who come to you for counselling because they argue continually, ask them what they argue about, when, and where.For instance, if you are calculating probabilities of some event happening, you can simulate the situation and observe outcomes yourself.If you want to help someone become more socially successful, you can act as that person does and observe the consequences.If you want to open a lock without a key, visualize the lock mechanism.If you want to determine how a murder was committed, visualize events that would explain the physical evidence.isualizing a problem can aid understanding. The comprehensive nature of the list of problem solving strategies allows individuals to use a checklist approach to problem solving.The explanations and examples given could serve as a valuable supplement to other explanations and examples available in books and on the web.


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