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It has to be established that “friends come in and out of your life like busboys in a restaurant” (King 67).

Since the character of Gordon can be interpreted to mean the author, Stephen King, it will not be out of place for one to assume that King may as well have been saying that there is really nothing special about him as a writer; he might want the readers to assume that fate has played a big role in determining who he is today.

However, as it is in with Gordon, all should not be attributed to fate.

Yet, it is somewhat a paradox that the higher the number of chances one takes in life, the higher the likelihood one has to lose them.

It is undeniable that there are many opportunities to be explored in life.

Still from the point of view that the stories told in The Body have a lot of similarities with the true life story of the author, one cannot fail to mention that the stories-within-story are not just there to add to the complexity of the entire story but to also prove that for like Gordon, King had been trying his hands on stories for a long time.

The author could have chosen to include just one of his other stories in the novel but he didn’t.Nonetheless, if it is always the case that every chance one has in life would inevitably bring success, then everyone would be successful.One of the beautiful sides to Stephen King’s The Body is that it reveals, amongst others, that it is not always about the number of chances one is able to take but about the culmination of some other factors.The Body by Stephen King In life, opportunities come but once.Surprisingly, some people are of the opinion that some opportunities come more than once.One must recall that the novella is narrative of incidents that had happened to the narrator when he was much younger.Gordon retrospectively considers how it all started for him in life and how is able to scale through against all odds among his other three friends.For example, Vern is the one that initiated the visitation to the site where Ray Bower’s body was, but they all went there.Even though it is arguable, fate seems to have a hand in what our lives turn out to be.At the end of it all, Vern dies in an inferno that happened after a party; Teddy not only killed himself but also killed some other people when he is involved in an accident after taking drugs and drinking.The saddest aspect of it all is that even Chris, whom one may have thought had a chance of becoming great, gets killed when he was trying to be a peacemaker in the course of duel at a restaurant.


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