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As important as the numbers themselves may be, they are of little worth if you cannot put them in the proper context and communicate their significance to others.As its name suggests, the abstract is a very short, very general paragraph or two that summarizes all of the important elements of your report, such as the research methods, results, and final analysis.

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You should be as specific as possible in this section and talk about data collection, results tracking, and any adjustments that were made throughout the project.

Make sure that you include and resources, materials, or software you used in your research.

Your analysis should be dispassionate and should include results that help corroborate your hypothesis, and also those that may negate it.

Explain to the reader what impact, if any, these finding may have on subject, field of science, or even on the average person.

Will they have an effect, no matter how miniscule, on their lives?

Finally, you will want to determine if additional study is required.That is not the way to write a proper statistical report, at least not today. You see, in the old days, statistical analysis was completed with comparatively primitive methods and tools, which meant that compiling and analyzing numbers took up most of the researcher's time.But with modern computer programs, analysis comprises a very small part of the overall project.The idea that everything around us can be analyzed and understood through numbers is not new.From science to sports and culture to the cosmos itself, statistics sheds new light on our past, present, and future.But at the outset, your report should be less formal and easy to read.This is step that some new statistical writers regrettably skip.For example, whenever we watch a presidential election or play fantasy football, the outcomes of any matchup are based on statistical models that help predict likely future outcomes. They simply don't know how to write them because writing is rarely taught in traditional statistics classes.As a result, they often throw together a few graphs and charts and do their best to explain the results of their project in their own words.To do so, we must learn how to compose a standard statistical report.The purpose of any statistical project is to add to a new or established body of learning through experiments, data, and research.


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