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Then, we can take away the 3 that were eaten to find out how many are left.To find out how many Mom made in all, you'll need to add yesterday's and today's totals together: Mom made 36 cupcakes in all.You have just finished the first step of this two-step problem!

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This is the kind of problem that strikes fear into every student's heart so I want you guys to take a deep breath and know that we can do the word problems. One way you guys might have learned in your previous Math courses is to make a guess and check chart and just kind of like plug in values and see how that goes.

Okay a total bill for 3 hats and $2.50 tax is $44.50. The great thing about Algebra though is that you can get it correct the first time.

The word problem is asking how many are left after you ate 3.

So, you need to take Mom's total (36) and subtract (or take away) 3.

So, 7 is the answer to our second step and the word problem.

After completing the problem, make sure to check your work and reread the question in the word problem and ask yourself, 'Did I answer the question? The first step in this case is to find out how many total cupcakes Mom made.Again you guys when you have a word problem you could try guessing checking but that takes a long time.If you can turn it into an Algebra equation it will go much, much faster.This translates to the equation 12 - 1, which equals 11. Now, re-read the problem to make sure you're on the right track and then work through your second step.Again, try to turn the word problem into an equation.Since an equation is two expressions that are equal to each other, this means that what is done to one side of the equation has to be done to the other side as well so that the equation stays balanced.In a two-step equation, work in the reverse order of PEMDAS.Next, solve the equation using inverse operations to isolate the variable.Remember that solving an equation and finding the value of the variable requires "undoing" what has been done to the variable.MA, Stanford University Teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area Alissa is currently a teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area and Brightstorm users love her clear, concise explanations of tough concepts Word problems can be solved by setting up an equation and solving for the unknown variable.Start by translating the word problem and writing it as a mathematical sentence, using a variable for the unknown value.


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