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Tags: Case Study China Economic GrowthModel Essay For XatHouse Divided ThesisCase Studies Of SchizophreniaTourism Research ProposalTruman Containment Policy EssayCreative Writing AppStatistical Methods Help To:Essay About BrisingrKantian Deontology Essay Borski, Jack: Advisor: James Schmitt Stratigraphic Architecture and Diagenetic Evolution of the Late Devonian to Early Mississippian Three Forks Formation in Western Montana. Solid waste disposal site suitability evaluation in Montana, 119 pp. Corthouts, Travis: Advisor: David Lageson Deformation and Metasomatism of the Qomolangma Formation: A Geochemical and Microstructural Analysis of the Summit Limestone, Mount Everest, Nepal. Seismic moment, stress drop, strain energy, dislocation radius, and location of seismic acoustical emissions associated with a high alpine snowpack at Berthoud Pass, Colorado, 72 pp. Scofield, Garrett B.: Advisor: David Varricchio Analysis of hadrosaur teeth from Egg Mountain Quarry, a diffuse micorsite locality, Upper Cretaceous, Two Medicine Formation, northwest Montana Sigler, Valerie: Advisor: Jamie Mc Evoy Water Conservation: Transforming Information & Attitudes Into Action Sykes, John: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx Travel Behavior and Decision-Making of Lift Access Backcountry Skiers Anderson, Colter: Advisor: Dave Lageson Strategic Framework and Provenance of the Lower Belt Supergroup (Newland Formation), Helena Embayment, Central Montana Krumenacker, L. Stratigraphy, petrography and environment of deposition of the Frontier Formation on the western margin of the Crazy Mountain basin, south-central Montana, 160 pp.

J.: Advisor: David Varricchio Osteology, phylogeny, taphonomy and ontogenetic histology of Oryctodromeus cubicularis from the middle Cretaceous (Albian-Cenomanian) of Montana and Idaho. Implementation and evaluation of the NESA Program at Glacier National Park, Montana, 59 pp. Woodruff, D, Cary: Advisor: Jack Horner A New Multi-Faceted Framework for Deciphering Diplodocid Ontogeny. Controls on ground-water availability and quality, the Bridger Canyon area, Bozeman, Montana, 187 pp. Fearon, Jamie L. Advisor: David Varricchio Scratch-digging in the Cretaceous basal ornithopod dinosaur : evidence from morphometric analyses and reconstruction of the forelimb musculature. Yamamura, Daigo: Advisor: James Schmitt Sandstone diagenesis as a proxy indicator of pore fluid geochemistry: Implications for fossilization of vertabrate skeletal material in the Hell Creek Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Eastern Montana. Stratigraphy and depositional environment of the upper Mississipian big snowy group in the Bridger Range, southwest Montana, 105 pp (7 plates). Michelfelder, Gary: Advisor: Todd Feeley The Geochemical Evolution of the Cerro Uturuncu Magma Chamber, SW Bolivia and Its Relation to the Andean Central Volcanic Zone. Facies relationships and provenance of the Swift Formation (Jurassic), southwestern Montana, 104 pp (1 plate). Oser, Sara: Advisor: Frankie Jackson Fossil Eggs and Perinatal remains from the Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation of Montana. The petrogenesis of the alkaline rocks of the Judith Mountains, central Montana, 106 pp. Simon, Danielle: Advisor: David Varricchio Giant dinosaur (Therapod) eggs from southeastern Idaho; taxonomic, paleographic, and reproductive implications. The transition from the Judith River Formation to the Bearpaw Shale (Campanian), north-central Montana, 66 pp. Spotts, Terra: Advisor: Mark Skidmore Flux of methane from recently exposed subglacial sediment, Robertson Glacier, Canadian Rockies. Geology and geothermal system near Jackson, Beaverhead County, Montana, 111 pp. Thacker, Jacob: Advisor: David Lageson Structural and mineralogic characterization of the South Prairie fault in the Stillwater Complex, Beartooth Mountains, Montana. Hydrogeology and geothermal potential of the Radersburg Valley, Broadwater county, Montana, 160 pp. White, Alicia: Advisor: Cathy Whitlock Ecosystem Response to Holocene Fire and Climate Change at Hobart Lake, Southwestern Oregon. Determining snowpack accumulation at snow course sites in southwestern Montana using climatic station data and meteorological parameters--an assessment, 82 pp. Krause, Teresa: Advisor: Cathy Whitlock Early postglacial vegetation development in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The effects of snow compaction on water release and sediment yield, 67 pp. Marienthal, Alex: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx Meteorological Metrics Associated with Deep Slab Avalanches on Persistent Weak Layers. Depositional environments and provenance of arkosic sandstone, Park Shale, Middle Cambrian, Bridger Range, southwestern Montana, 95 pp. Zoanni, Dionne: Advisor: Jamie Mc Evoy"All the Answers Are In Our Culture": Integrating Traditional Knowledge Systems Into Tribal Water Governance on Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana. Surficial geology of a part of the northeast flank of the Bridger range, Montana, 132 pp (1 plate). Ferguson, Ashley L: Advisor: David Varricchio Nest site taphonomy of modern archosaurs. Geology of a portion of the Pine Creek quadrangle, Teton and Lincoln counties, Wyoming, 136 pp.


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