Siemens Master Thesis

For best results, we recommend to provide debug symbols of the application under test along with the binary.

Without this information, callstacks cannot be fully symbolized (exported functions only) and user-level synchronization cannot be detected.

The output (logs) of the MSR are just for debugging reasons.

The resolved symbols are passed back to drace and merged with the non-managed ones.

Since then he worked at the University of Munich and since 2008 at the University of Amsterdam. Ferdinand von Siemens Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Room 4.235Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 4, 4.

His main research interests are applied contract theory, behavioral economics and experimental economics. When using the pre-build releases, only Dynamo RIO is required: instrument each nth instruction (default: no sampling, 0: no instrumentation) analysis scope --lossy dynamically exclude fragments using lossy counting --lossy-flush de-instrument flushed segments (only with --lossy) --excl-traces exclude dynamorio traces --excl-stack exclude stack accesses --excl-master exclude first thread --stacksz write all logs to this file (can be null, stdout, stderr, or filename) --extctrl use second process for symbol lookup and state-controlling (required for Dotnet) --brkonrace abort execution after first race is found (for testing purpose only) --stats display per-thread statistics on thread-exit --version display version information -h, --usage display help Detector Options --heap-only only analyze heap memory (not supported currently) DRace requires symbol information for wrapping functions and to resolve stack traces.For the main functionality of C and C only applications, export information is sufficient.Note: To properly detect dotnet synchronization, pdb symbol information is required.The pdb files have to perfectly match the used dotnet libraries. For best compability with Windows 10, use the latest available weekly build.In terms of extent, prize money amounts and history, it is one of the most important initiatives of this type in the Czech Republic.Ferdinand von Siemens is professor for applied economics at the Goethe University Frankfurt since September 2012.: This is work-in-progress and is there for evaluation of this concept.On systems with only a few cores, the performance is poor. It is there to evaluate the overhead of the other detectors vs the instrumentation overhead.Hence, it is (almost always) mandatory to let the MSR download the symbols. The path to your Dynamo RIO installation has to be set using tsan The detector is run along with the application. extsan DRace sends all events (memory-accesses, sync events, ...) to a different process (MSR) using shared memory and fifo queues.The MSR process then passes the events to the Thread Sanitizer.


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