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worked together to push a much stronger bit of language in the healthcare plank.

worked together to push a much stronger bit of language in the healthcare plank.

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Taken with the unrealistic notion that somehow Si CKO would awaken millions of people to the suffering embedded in the dysfunctional healthcare system and that those millions of people would mobilize for change, my husband and I immersed ourselves in every way we could to push for truly universal coverage for all Americans through improved and expanded Medicare for all. ” I can only write from my perspective, but I believe that without the making and the showing of SICKO here and around the world, we’d be way worse off than we are today in terms of the health reform movement. On July 17, 2007, I joined a panel of experts to offer testimony about medical debt and personal bankruptcy. (If you care to read that testimony, you can still find it here.) Interestingly, in the audience that day for the hearing were two single-payer, Medicare for all heroes I would later come to know: Marilyn Clement, the late founder and leader of Healthcare-NOW!

Senate prepares to vote on the most Draconian healthcare bill we might possibly imagine, we also see growing and massive support for Medicare for all among Americans not currently in Congress – a strong majority of us support universal coverage offered through the trusted, if imperfect, gold standard of coverage passed 52 years ago this month. Zywicki, George Mason University School of Law, Arlington, VA; Clifford J. Though there were a few tourists there at 10 pm on the July 16, 2007, evening, no one seemed to mind that I was reading out loud and pacing back and forth trying to practice not blubbering or getting mad.

The night before I testified, I used the last two $20 bills I had in my pocket to bargain with a cab driver in Georgetown to take me to the Jefferson Memorial and give me half an hour alone there.

Mark Rukavina, Executive Director, The Access Project, Boston, MA; Dr. Himmelstein, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA. There were so many ways I felt inadequate to the task – I was the ultimate outsider, a patient, from the western U. My knowledge and expertise in the healthcare system comes from decades of experience as an insured American.

He fired up the crowd as only Bernie can do, and so did Tim Carpenter.

The advocates then fanned out across the Congressional office buildings to act as citizen lobbyists, and some of the leadership went behind closed doors with Sen. My role in bringing them closer together on single-payer effort with the nurses was working, and I was pleased. As I was preparing for the brow beating that surely would have followed a Sanders' speaking cancellation, I saw Sen. Sanders running across the street from the Capital. While no one but me knew at the time, I regretted my bluster but was so grateful he had decided to come. After Si CKO’s New York City premiere, on July 12, 2007, I received an invitation to testify to the U. , and Tim Carpenter, the late founder and leader of Progressive Democrats of America. I took my testimony, folded up in my pocket, so I could practice it in the presence of an American I believed had shared my love of country and my devotion to the ideals of this nation – yet unattained.There would then develop some close and powerful friendships among all the leaders from PDA, Healthcare-NOW! Because of people like you, another world is possible. , PNHP, and the nurses of CNA and National Nurses United coming together around speaking up for and about Medicare for all throughout the ACA/Obamacare debates and voting period. Those who have followed Bernie's incredible movement-building work and those who supported his presidential bid might do well to thank a filmmaker from Flint, MI, who made a film titled Si CKO that set some of the necessary conditions in motion for a more rapid achievement of Medicare for all. There are many battles to be won, but we will battle them together—all of us. People who share foxholes should be on a first name basis. I've been sending your powerful testimony to everyone who might be in a position to help, and I'll keep writing about it.Marilyn Clement and Tim Carpenter also reached out to me after the hearing, so I kept writing, and I kept believing that every person we reached with the film or with the message of that hearing would know that there is a better way.Through Tim Carpenter and PDA, I became co-chair of the national Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign.We promoted John Conyers' HR676 in the House, and we worked to elect other progressive House members who would also support single-payer. When the DNC met in 2008 to determine the platform for that election, PDA and Healthcare-NOW!


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