Schools With No Homework

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Rather than work at home, these schools focus on constant testing and continually applying the pressure. Japanese schools work in a way unlike many others around the world.

Rather than teachers using the knowledge they have to teach the class, they work at educating their students on how to use the internet and resources around them to find the answer for themselves.

A school's homework policy should reflect this philosophy; ultimately guiding teachers to give their students reasonable, meaningful, purposeful homework assignments.

Homework is defined as the time students spend outside the classroom in assigned learning activities.

A teacher can give their higher-level students more challenging assignments while also filling gaps for those students who may have fallen behind.

Teachers who use homework as an opportunity to differentiate we not only see increased growth in their students, but they will also find they have more time in class to dedicate to whole group instruction.Homework is a subject that many people have an opinion on.Some believe it is the best way to learn while others see no reason pupils shouldn’t learn all they need in school.As if that wasn’t enough, children in Finland don’t have to start school until they are seven years old.However, they are still able to come out near the top of the charts when it comes to their exam results. Rather than overloading children with work when they are home, Finnish parents trust that the teachers will give the children all the education they need while they are at school.Anywhere Schools believes the purpose of homework should be to practice, reinforce, or apply acquired skills and knowledge.We also believe as research supports that moderate assignments completed and done well are more effective than lengthy or difficult ones done poorly.It should be given only as an opportunity to help increase their content knowledge in an area.Furthermore, teachers can utilize homework as an opportunity to differentiate learning for all students.Homework serves to develop regular study skills and the ability to complete assignments independently.Anywhere Schools further believes completing homework is the responsibility of the student, and as students mature they are more able to work independently.


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