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Karl Rove, on the other hand, is widely seen as a vile little prince of handling.

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Also, the proliferation of niche audiences spurs sophisticated and partisan humor because these smaller groups of viewers have very particular tastes, identities, and affinities.

They are thus more likely to share a sense of what’s funny.

Stewart (and Craig Kilborn before him) was a comic first and foremost—when The Daily Show started, the news was the surprising part.

Maddow’s show works the opposite way: the news is the thing and the humor is the surprise.

According to Bill Wolff, executive producer of The Rachel Maddow Show and vice president of msnbc’s primetime programming, nothing less than George W.

Bush has paved the way for his programs, as well as the others.

Critical verbal humor is a very specific thing—one reason that American film comedies struggle for viewers overseas.

Sarcastic ripostes call for sarcastic viewers who know how, and when, to laugh. Finally, we have a far more sophisticated audience today than in the past, one that sees more clearly behind the manipulations and stagecraft of its political leaders.

In the twentieth century, though, news parodies were a bit more milquetoast.

This was true even thirty-three years ago, when Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” kicked off the modern form of news parody.


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