Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis Essay

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The Nurse believes in love and wants Juliet to have a nice-looking husband, but the idea that Juliet would want to sacrifice herself for love is incomprehensible to her.

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Romeo is also an affectionate and devoted friend to his relative Benvolio, Mercutio, and Friar Lawrence. Because she is a girl in an aristocratic family, she has none of the freedom Romeo has to roam around the city, climb over walls in the middle of the night, or get into swordfights.

Nevertheless, she shows amazing courage in trusting her entire life and future to Romeo, even refusing to believe the worst reports about him after he gets involved in a fight with her cousin.

This in turn would not have lead to the unfortunate climax where both the lovers end up taking their own lives.

Tybalt comes across as an extremely arrogant and aggressive character.

Rosaline never appears onstage, but it is said by other characters that she is very beautiful and has sworn to live a life of chastity.

Character Analysis of Tybalt – Romeo & Juliet The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet is not unheard of and none tire easily of this beautiful yet tragic tale.Friar John is held up in a quarantined house, and the message never reaches Romeo.Rosaline - The woman with whom Romeo is infatuated at the beginning of the play.Romeo - The son and heir of Montague and Lady Montague.A young man of about sixteen, Romeo is handsome, intelligent, and sensitive.Mercutio loves wordplay, especially sexual double entendres.He can be quite hotheaded, and hates people who are affected, pretentious, or obsessed with the latest fashions.He spends most of the play trying to help Romeo get his mind off Rosaline, even after Romeo has fallen in love with Juliet.Friar John - A Franciscan friar charged by Friar Lawrence with taking the news of Juliet’s false death to Romeo in Mantua.It is on account of Tybalt that the entire climax comes into being.Had it not been for Tybalt’s vengefulness, stubbornness and arrogance topped with aggression, Mercutio would not have been murdered, and Romeo would have not sought revenge on Tybalt, thereby killing him, the act that lead him to his exile.


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