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The urbanization my be catalyzed by Informal wages, food handouts from first world countries, development needs, modernization, poverty or social class status, but the gigantic concentrations of poverty in urban slums are economically and logically unsustainable.

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Are the IMF and other handouts such as the structural assistance programs, a massive transfer of the wealth from the poor to the rich?

In some countries that experience negative GDP growth, the urban populace is still high due to the IMF’s enforcement policies to support deregulation of the agricultural sectors, by accelerated provision of surpluses, thus the exodus of rural labour force.

In line with Davis’s writing (2006), there are global forces that push people from the countryside to the urban sectors such as mechanization, food imports, civil wars and drought.

One would consider the logic behind the IMF slum structural adjustment program to be restoration of the economy especially in support of the underprivileged majority in the urban centres, but the results is an increase of populations at the centres and brain drains to rich countries.

The restructuring adjustments by the IMF and World Bank were a source of displacement for the most urban populace whose destiny was the slums.


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