Review Of Literature On Marketing Strategies

Review Of Literature On Marketing Strategies-19
Passive transmission of a viral marketing message, on the other hand, occurs in situations where a particular brand or product is promoted by carriers indirectly, such as through letting others know about the act of purchasing from a specific brand.Anjum (2011) divides the costs of engagement in viral marketing into three categories: free, indirect, and direct.Literature review has identified numerous attempts of comparing viral marketing to alternative marketing strategies.

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Anyone with the access to the internet has an access to virtual marketplace.

Moreover, virtual marketplace operates in 24/7 basis, and requires minimum or none transaction costs.

Wirtz (2012) mentions the promotion of Apple’s Iphone in online channels as a case study for free viral marketing.

Indirect costs for viral marketing occur when marketing staff of a firm develop marketing messages intended to be spread by internet users.

The issue of marketing mix for viral marketing has been comprehensively addressed by secondary data authors in the following manner: element of marketing mix includes products that are sold over the internet.

According to Anjum (2011), until only a few years ago the rages of products sold online were mainly limited to books, gadgets and other tangible products of smaller sizes.

Thirdly, viral marketing can also prove to be highly effective in situations where product or service being promoted caters for the needs of specific group of people. (2012) “Handbook of Business-to-Business Marketing” Edward Elgar Publishing Mackay, A. (2012) “Fundamentals and Practice of Marketing” Routledge Middleton, S. (2012) “The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing” Que Wirtz, J.

In other words, members of such groups can facilitate the spread of marketing message within the group. (2011) “Social Media Marketing: The Next Marketing Frontier” Grin Verlag Beneke, J. (2010) “The Application of Social Networking as a Marketing Platform to Young Adults: An Emerging Market Perspective” Kabani, S. (2012) “The Zen of Social Media Marketing 2012: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue” Ben Bella Books Lilien, G. (2012) “What You Need to Know About Marketing” John Wiley & Sons Reece, M., Shah, R. (2010) “How to Innovate in Marketing: Collection” FT Press Ryan, D. (2012) “Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation” Kogan Page Schneider, G. (2011) “Electronic Commerce” Cengage Learning Waldow, D. (2012) “Essentials of Services Marketing” FT Press Zarella, D.

Secondly, the potential benefits of viral marketing are further increased when the benefits associated with the use of products or services are real.

Similarly to the point above, Middleton (2012) argues, specific benefits associated with the use of product or service has the potential of being an effective viral marketing message.


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