Reasons To Legalize Prostitution Essay

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Others have described how Backpage helped them, writing, “Backpage gave me a basic screening tool, and access to money, and food, and shelter.

Others have described how Backpage helped them, writing, “Backpage gave me a basic screening tool, and access to money, and food, and shelter.Backpage kept me alive.” We should be listening to them, and involving them in reform, because they’re the people this will impact.I tried this experiment and discovered that I do not like to imagine my family members having sex of any kind, paid or unpaid. But, then, as Elizabeth Nolan Brown points out, the people making this argument do not necessarily have daughters, either.

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There are a great many countries where sex work is legal, such as New Zealand, which decriminalized sex work in 2003.

The results of the Prostitution Reform Act have been beneficial for sex workers.

Meanwhile, in the United States, we’re cracking down on tools sex workers use such as

The website, which allowed escorts to list their services, was shut down earlier this month, and the co-founders and others associated with the company were charged with facilitating prostitution.

The fact remains that, regardless of how I feel about them, my future daughter has a perfect legal right to pursue them.

People are allowed to enter professions that might be unsafe.

“No person's human or civil rights should be violated on the basis of their trade, occupation, work, calling or profession” (“Committee” 1).

Often considered the world’s oldest profession- prostitution, since the beginning of recorded history, has been in existence in nearly every human civilization on Earth.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions described the website as the “dominant marketplace for illicit commercial sex, a place where sex traffickers frequently advertised children and adults alike." (One co-founder has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to facilitate prostitution; the other co-founders have pleaded not guilty.) The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) legislation promises to further reduce legal protections for these sites, which means that more of them will likely shut down in the future. However, criminalizing prostitution—or sites that facilitate sex work transactions—thereby pushing it further underground, isn’t necessarily thought to be helpful when it comes to ending trafficking.

Trafficking, in which women and children are forced into sex work (or other occupations), is morally heinous. The ACLU explains that people being trafficked “are vulnerable because they often work in jobs that are hidden from the public view and unregulated by the government.”Critics of decriminalizing prostitution often point to increased reports of trafficking in countries that have legalized prostitution, such as Germany.


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