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All this does is show that you have found something in a book.

The important thing is to engage with the quotations you use.

These longer quotations are referred to as ‘display’ quotations because they are set apart from the rest of the text.

It is not enough simply to use quotations in your essay.

In this example, the writer has not just identified and used a relevant quotation.

She has shown that she understands how it can be related to the wider topic she is writing about – ‘many critics’, ‘a widely held view’.

Let’s use the following sentence as an example: The most important point in the sentence is that although Dunn’s second book contained more long poems, its use of form was broadly similar to his first.

Are your homeschool high schoolers ready for college-level writing?

The following four examples use correct punctuation. In the blogosphere, block quotes often appear in political or religious commentaries.

In high school English essays, block quotes are effectively used to write about drama and poetry.


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