Pulp Fiction Essay Paper

How did Quentin Tarantino, a high-school dropout and former video-store clerk, change the face of modern cinema?Mark Seal takes the director, his producers, and his cast back in time, to 1993.

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Then came more urgent calls, asking her to join him for midnight dinners.

Chen always had to pick him up, since he couldn’t drive as a result of unpaid parking tickets. I was averaging about 9,000 grammatical errors per page.

about a community of criminals on the fringe of Los Angeles.

Written in a dozen school notebooks, which the 30-year-old Tarantino took on the plane to Los Angeles, the screenplay was a mess—hundreds of pages of indecipherable handwriting.

He arrived “with only the clothes on his back,” she says, and he crashed on the couch.

Chen worked without pay on the condition that Tarantino would rabbit-sit Honey Bunny, her pet, when she went on location.

Tarantino would write the first story, about the guy who takes out the crime boss’s wife.

Avary’s section centered on the over-the-hill boxer, who double-crosses a crime boss and then ends up rescuing him as he’s being anally raped by a hillbilly in a pawnshop.

She knew Tarantino was a “mad genius.” He has said that his first drafts look like “the diaries of a madman,” but Chen says they’re even worse. After I would correct them, he would try to put back the errors, because he The producer, Lawrence Bender, and Tri Star Pictures, which had invested 0,000 to develop the project, were pressing Tarantino to deliver the script, which was late.

Chen, who was dog-sitting for a screenwriter in his Beverly Hills home, invited Tarantino to move in.


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