Public Speaking Assignments

Public Speaking Assignments-4
· Time Constraints (speech was within the time limit).

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Write it here: _________________________________________________ The preview outlines your speeches main points: Today we’ll explore, first ______________, second _____________ and third ______________.

(Sub-sub points are generally your “support materials.” This is where testimony (lay, expert and personal) examples (real or hypothetical), narratives (short stories), statistics (verifiable facts in numerical expressions, from valid sources), are used. Sub-point #3: (Transition’s Summary: _______________________________________________________) (Transition’s Preview :_________________________________________________________) II. Sub point #3 (Transition’s Summary: _______________________________________________________) (Transition’s Preview :_________________________________________________________) III. Sub-point #3 ______________________________) (Write a short paragraph of what you will say; include all of the following functions of conclusions): Signal an End (Signals to the end often begin with terms such as “in conclusion,” but of course we can be more creative, e.g.

For more information on assessing the credibility of sources, see your text.

Check out if you need help with APA style – this is my FAVORITE site. Delivery: Extemporaneous – 5 note cards are allowed. When effectively constructed, the Power Point slides often work as “notes” for the speaker as well as provide a visual representation of the materials for the speaker.

“To Inform your Audience” The Public Speaking identifies 4 types of Informative speeches: definitional, descriptive, explanatory, and demonstration.

You may explain something, how to do something, how something occurs, or show us how to do it. This speech should be on any topic that you are comfortable with but should not tell us what we already know!For this type of speech, show us you are sincere, tell us why you chose the topic, how you know this, any training you’ve had, etc.External sources are especially important to establish your external credibility.): Thesis & Topic Preview: Your thesis is a simple declarative sentence that captures the “point” of your speech.However, you may make a meeting with your instructor to go through your speech video if you’d like. Basic Grading Criteria: *Remember, if you only fulfill these requirements, your speech will be average.The excellent speaker goes beyond these criteria and brings herself or himself into the speech.You will need to your own recording device (camera/i Pad/phone/etc.) or bring a flash drive if you do not have a recording device (then I will videotape it and we can transfer the speech to your flash drive).I will ask that you set personal goals for your public speaking skills before the speech as well as after watching the speech–remember-you are the ONLY one who sees this video!!!You can also use . If you elect to use Power Point, DO NOT READ from your Power Point Presentation. It must be large enough to see from the back of the room.If you need help learning Power Point, please talk to me or email me and I am willing to work 1-on-1 with you to learn this. Visual Aid — The use of one visual aid is required. You may use Power Point (but have a second version in your Dropbox or email).Also, do not hold cards and the Power Point clicker as it looks messy and is easy to fumble or drop. You may use online sites (but make sure that it will not link to an unwanted site after you are done – e.g., this often happens with You Tube sites).You may use 1 typed page of paper if you do not “touch” it – no joke, don’t pick it up if you would like to make a KEYWORD outline instead. You can project an image/object even with the document camera in most rooms – just make sure that there is one and you know how to use it. A Self-Analysis Critique – We will record speeches in class and you will complete the Self-Analysis Critique after presenting this speech in the “Quiz” area as noted in the schedule.


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