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If a research proposal has not been funded yet or is funded by an organisation without a thorough peer review system, a thorough review will be performed. Please contact the secretary when your project has been granted by a provider with a thorough peer review system that is not on this list.To protect the work situation of Ph D students in particular, much attention is paid to the practical feasibility of the research project. Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), including Alpe d' Huzes e. Review All research proposals and grant applications are reviewed on two independent aspects: a) suitability for an APH program With respect to embedding the proposed research in an APHprogram, the proposal is sent to the appropriate program directors who will evaluate the proposal on: - its relevance to the APH mission - the degree to which it is in line with a specific program Program directors are requested to submit their decision to the Secretary of the Science Committee within two weeks.You can for example use the proposal you have written for a funding agency, or you use your own format. All new research proposals and grant applications should be submitted to the Science Committee before the start of the project.

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Check carefully whether your proposal includes detailed information on the work plan, personnel, budget, scientific output and analysis plan.

In some cases, the proposal approved by a funding agency does not contain all information needed.

Please include a letter of the head of the department in which he/she states that the department is informed about the study proposed. Does your proposal concern a full research proposal?

The Science Committee only assesses full proposals. When your answer is ‘yes’ to all questions, please submit your proposal with the attached form providing additional information.

Your submission consists of 2 documents: 1 pdf containing your proposal and the form with additional information. When participants are recruited at a VUmc department: have you included a letter of the department?

When your proposal involves inclusion of patients of a VUmc care department, the head of the department should be informed.Only if an APH researcher of VU/VUmc is involved in the project or when the Ph D will take place at the APHInstitute the proposal will be assessed. Submitted proposals are reviewed by the office assistant to assess whether they fulfil the minimum requirements and are complete.Projects where a senior researcher or a professor has only an advisory role will not be assessed. Incomplete proposals will not be taken into consideration.New APH-VU/VUmc proposals that would otherwise have been submitted to the Science Committee, can now be submitted to the Scientific Quality Committee.How to submit your research proposal: format We do not have a specific format for research proposals.Once departmental processes have been followed and a proposal (master’s or doctoral) has been approved at departmental and ethical levels the proposal is then approved at faculty board level (via a Dean’s circular).In the case of a Ph D proposal the Doctoral Degrees Board (DDB) is informed of the Faculty approval, before ultimately being approved by the Doctoral Degrees Board via a DDB Chair’s Circular.: As of January 2nd, the 'old' Science Committee of APH-VU/VUmc (EMGO ) will not accept any new proposals.Already submitted proposals will be assessed and properly settled according to the former EMGO procedures.Subsequently, the scientific quality of the proposal will be reviewed by the Science Committee.If a research proposal has been funded by a funding agency that adopts a thorough peer review system (see list below), a short review will be performed.


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