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As you become acquainted with its insights and comprehensiveness, you may well find much that can enrich and empower your life.The flower/mandala at the head of this page is courtesy of Clare Goodwin. This website, the oldest psychosynthesis site on the web, has maintained a continuous presence since 1993, and is provided as a service to the psychosynthesis community.

“I” makes the choices that determine life direction, style, and form.

Assagioli viewed a person as having a psychic structure with three layers: an unconscious and a conscious self, which is connected directly with a transpersonal self that interacts with others, known as the collective unconscious.

Psychosynthesis focuses less on the morbid symptoms of a particular disease, and more on resolving the malfunction of a person who is presumed to be fundamentally healthy.n an approach in psychology developed by Roberto Assagioli, in which the goal is to help individuals accomplish a fusion of the various parts of their personality into a more cohesive self.

The founder of psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli, was an Italian psychiatrist and a contemporary of Freud and Jung.

He recognized that psychoanalytic theory contained a brilliant explanation of the workings of the human psyche, but he also saw that this theory lacked an understanding of how the creative and healing aspects of the psyche operated.


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