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At least, for those soldiers who have no family and no ability to go back to their respective works because of the injuries they get from wars they have home to considered...

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" So when your professor says "it's a small project", I don't think he means that just making it bigger will make it better. All this could be yours for 8 easy payments of $99.99. If you call within the next 30 minutes I will throw in all the process work and models for no extra charge.

And for a limit time I will throw in my roommate’s thesis project too.

not sure what you mean by a calamity, but: if you're solving for a flood, you simply build the house on stilts.

much cheaper than a floating structure that can also rest on dry land.

if you're solving for a tsunami, well, floating or not you're screwed unless you're up high in a reinforced concrete structure.

you know, there's a reason why people take their boats out to see when a severe storm is coming.

being at the shoreline is the worst location because of the wave breaks. What is the nature of your house compared to other houses?

What qualities does it possess that represent your design manifesto?

lol..i have no intention in making my thesis in other country..i just want to have an idea of what kind of thesis is good to put up in our country which can be a big help in our countries dilemma nowadays..

hey please help me out here...hehehehe...sorry for being a piss in the ass..badly needed all of your HELP!!!


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