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It appears that since it involves only correcting surface errors in a document, it is easy to do. Proofreading requires extensive knowledge of the language and is a very skill-intensive task. It requires the ability to concentrate for long periods of time.People tend to think that since proofreading means pointing out and correcting for mistakes and inconsistencies, it is not a demanding job. All that they have to do is read the document carefully and look out for syntactical, grammatical or spelling mistakes. Our brain is very well adapted at self-correcting minor yet apparent mistakes in a document as we read it.

It can be said that editing is more ambitious than proofreading.

Editing is a much more involved process than proofreading. Proofreading simply means correcting the surface mistakes such as grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes, while editing means checking the document holistically.

Although people consider this difference a very slight one, but still, it is important to remember that it is important.

Knowing the difference between Proofreading is a bit straightforward exercise than editing.

In other words, because of our brain’s ability to auto correct such small mistakes, we are not able to notice them in writing as we read.

On social media, you might have come across exercises that ask you to read sentences or paragraphs that contain a slightly wrong spelling of the words.When your writing is edited and concise, it will raise your grades and help you getting good reviews from your superiors and evaluators.Are you are looking for someone to Proofread or edit your dissertation?Proofreading involves checking a document for flaws like grammatical inaccuracy, spelling mistakes, sentence formation and more.It also involves checking whether the syntax is in order or not.Although the two words ‘editing’ and ‘proofreading’ are both terms that refer to checking a document for accuracy, but both of them have a substantial amount of difference between each other.This difference is something that most of us are unaware of.It involves checking that the document has been put together in the best way possible in terms of the words used, language elements, overall structure, content quality as well as the convey of ideas and information.It involves checking everything about the document, ranging from checking the facts stated in the document, making sure that the information incorporated in the document is correct, analyzing the sensibilities of the structural flow, making sure that the writing is aligned with the concerned audience as well as aligning the content with the overall thematic strategy of the publication.Because of this uncertainty, many a times, the client gets something exactly different than what he had hoped for.It is really important to know the difference between these two terms-editing and proofreading.


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