Professional Development In Social Work Essay

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Asians care for everyone in a family manner, even friends do the same.

This is the reason why the majority of Asians can make instantaneous associates.

These values include those of personal, cultural, and universal basis.

For one to avoid conflicts, he/she has to have personal values that are harmonious to the universal ones.

Every principle can undergo modification or alteration, and similarly, fresh values come up each time.

I consider this phenomenon to be something that is of immense significant in life.Personal values are generally viewed as a variety of attitudes and beliefs that normally establish how a human being truly behaves, and they are being developed during one’s life.These values assist in modelling one’s professionalism or rather career, but the learning/experience parts help a lot in determining who one will be in the future career and in social scenes (Kotelnikov, n.d.).Therefore, a change in one of the values would affect greatly the way a person delivers social/health care.Similarly, new developments of those values have to be assessed beforehand so as to define what has to be developed, altered, or changed (School Of Education, n.d.).As a student nurse, I noticed a lack of a team working value, and I slowly incorporated it into my personality.This great change impacted me to a large extent, and my group members could not hide their delight when they noticed it (Sherman, 2011).Having thoroughly scrutinized my personal values, I have noticed a mismatch between my universal and personal values, whereby I can term it as a lack of cooperation.Everyone has problems in acquiring a specific value, particularly when the value is of a universal nature, since we are all individuals.It is extremely tricky to elude conflicts and continue in the acceptable manner.However, all negativity should be set aside while giving care.


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