Problem Solving Root Cause Analysis

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If it won’t prevent recurrences, there’s likely a causal issue versus a root cause to solve.

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Consider applying a different type of root cause analysis if your standard process isn’t well defined enough to provide a good basis for comparison.

Also, depending on how variable your processes are, the number of moving parts might significantly increase the scope of this type of analysis.

If you’re getting testimony to recreate events, it’s important that you get this information as soon as possible.

People can be unreliable and their memories are vulnerable to suggestion, especially after time has passed.

Workshop Overview: In a recent Wall Street Journal article, problem-solving was cited as the top skill for ensuring business success.

Make sure your team keeps this skill sharp by mastering one of the most effective problem-solving techniques: Root Cause Analysis.

Furthermore, the root cause needs to be identifiable.

If a root cause analysis isn’t turning up a true root cause to the problem, the analyst should consider leveraging another analytical tool to solve the problem.

The goal it to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Before you can complete a root cause analysis, you must collect as much data as possible about the events and people involved in the lead up.


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