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In other cases, initiatives could be at the city-level.

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She held a lecture on “The new practice of public problem-solving” and participated in a panel discussion.

And she sat down for an interview with the school’s communications team.

If you missed her this time, Slaughter will be back several times during the course of the academic year as part of the award.

Read some insights she shared with us during her day at the Hertie School, and listen to Hertie School: What do you see as the biggest challenge for Hertie School students – for students of public policy today - in solving public problems?

Her premise is that what people need more than anything is connections – to be connected to others who can help them help themselves.

And that’s a much more lightweight understanding of the role of government than providing services.But for most of the big global challenges, like climate change, resource depletion, pandemics, cyber security or migration, we need the combined efforts of the social, private and public sectors.And those of us who are public problem-solvers have to think about how to build coalitions or networks and align interests and goals to create the scale of activity we need to meet the problems.We can see the outlines of that very clearly: China and the many countries that are following China’s model. But we’ll also see how stable the United States is.Russia not so much – Russia is a traditional, corrupt, authoritarian state. There are traditional geopolitical rivalries, but there are also new ideological rivalries. communism, although maybe those weren’t so neat either.Hertie School: What would you say are the threats related to this change at a global level?Anne-Marie Slaughter: This new, as yet very blurry, paradigm is going to compete with state capitalism, with authoritarian capitalism.Hertie School: Is aligning those goals pretty hard?Anne-Marie Slaughter: Yes - just take climate change and break it out to something like ocean acidification.Everyone can agree that we should make the oceans less acid, but you’ve got corporations with one view and governments with another view – and some governments with conflicting views.For example, cities often come at a problem differently than national governments.


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