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VB: What do you mean by "mind's eye": Dan Roam: It's the ability we have to see when our eyes are closed.

From a neurobiological perspective, it appears that in many cases the visual processing system in our brains that is kicked into gear when we look at things is also kicked into gear when we simply think about those things with our eyes closed.

It seems the visual processing centers can be as active for visually impaired and blind people as they are for people who have full sight.

The short answer is the mind's eye is the place inside our heads that allows us to look at things, manipulate them, see their different sides, and turn them upside down and shake them, without needing to have the object physically in front of us. In fact, if we did not have this ability, we would not be able to make it through the day.

The family I was supposed to be billeted with included an English-speaking teacher, but at the last minute I was placed with a family where no one spoke English. I found myself in a country with a culture, language, and society that was completely foreign to me.

I didn't have the ability to communicate in my native language, and the people around me were unable to communicate with me in their language.The post Ao PS News Update: Self-Paced Prealgebra 2, New Beast Academy Videos, New Alcumus Material, and more appeared first on Ao PS News."We can use the simplicity and immediacy of pictures to discover and clarify our own ideas, and use those same pictures to clarify our ideas for other people, helping them discover something new for themselves along the way." Pictures can be used to discover, develop and share business ideas—and have some fun.VB: Why is drawing pictures so powerful in helping us clarify our own ideas?Dan Roam: We can contrast drawing pictures with the typical brainstorming approach, which is, "Let's sit in a room and talk about stuff".Visual thinking is developing ideas very quickly by sketching them out.It includes using pictures to communicate these ideas to someone else in a way that enables them to quickly grasp the concepts.While a junior in high school in Billings, Montana I went as an exchange student for a year to a little town just North of Bangkok, Thailand.When I arrived in Thailand, my Thai language skills were non-existent.The power of a picture is that it opens up more channels in our brain allowing us to think about things in ways that would lie dormant if we were just talking about them. Vision must be important to our thinking ability since we have evolved to have an extraordinary capacity in our brains to process what we see.Of the neurons in our brain that are processing incoming sensory information, somewhere between one half and three quarters are focused on vision. The ultimate question is why aren't more people using pictures in business?


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