Poverty Breeds Crime Argumentative Essay

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Adrian Rane, a well-known bio-psychologist, once stated that “despite strong resistance in many quarters, there is now little scientific doubt that genes play a significant role in antisocial behavior.” At the moment of conception, genetics begin to play a factor in the development of traits that have the potential to lead an individual down the path of illegal behavior.

“Some genes are expressed or turned on (or not) because of physical, social, and cultural factors in the environment; and some genes—for example, those that influence difficult temperament, impulsivity, novelty seeking, and lack of empathy—predispose people to be exposed to environmental risks.” (Kaiser & Rasminsky, 2010) Once born, children learn from their parents and their environment.

This proves that society has contributed to fostering a social environment that breeds criminal behavior.

But there are other variables that need to be considered when attempting to identify what leads a person towards a lifestyle of deviant behavior.

A lack of positive developmental traits is directly connected with behavior as children drift from adolescence on to adulthood.

"When individuals with conduct disorder reach adulthood, symptoms of aggression, property destruction, deceitfulness, and rule violation, including violence against co-workers, partners, and children, may be exhibited in the workplace and the home, such that antisocial personality disorder may be considered" (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).

If that involves engaging in criminal activity, then so be it.

However, there is a possibility that if such an individual had been raised in a positive environment, there is a chance that the individual may elect to refrain from deviant behavior due to said environment.

An easier One definition is molding behavior based on a set of morals, values and beliefs that are instilled in individuals during early childhood.

These morals, values and beliefs form a system that facilitates decision making throughout the course of an individuals’ life.


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