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This is the best option for people who want to jump right into a PMR practice.

Progressive muscle relaxation script from Baylor University This script, like the one above from the UC Berkeley School of Law, is also three pages long.

This article will also round up some useful PMR scripts people can use to start their own practice, and will finally highlight some You Tube videos and smartphone apps that people can use to start their practice with guided PMR sessions.

It is as simple as it sounds, as PMR consists entirely of focusing on a muscle group, tensing that muscle group, and then relaxing that muscle group.

The section below lists a few scripts for PMR that one can follow.

For an idea of what PMR looks like, though, here is a short step-by-step description of the practice (adapted from the PDF from the Centre for Clinical Interventions, the third script listed below).

PMR is a particularly useful supplementary treatment for certain psychological conditions.

In people trying to quit smoking, PMR has been shown to be effective in reducing withdrawal symptoms such as craving (Limsanon & Kalayasiri, 2015).

This script, however, is a bit wordier than the above script, and while it follows the same basic pattern it is more descriptive about the process.

This script is a good option for people who like to understand why they are doing why they are doing, rather than simply following a simple step-by-step script.


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