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She spoke for those of us who knew that looking like the Britneys and Christinas was unrealistic, but still hated ourselves for falling short. In her May 2006 Salon essay, "Return of the brainless hussies," Rebecca Traister wrote about the fear that the rise of Paris Hilton's celebrity would encourage other women to dumb themselves down.

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Pink wanted to see women stand up for themselves and take control of how they were seen.

“There’s a certain thing the world is being fed,” Pink told MTV in 2006, “and my point is there should be a choice.”That message was proudly feminist at a time when other pop stars recoiled from the F-word as if it were a slur.

"You will feel something called pride and self respect."Coming from Pink, an artist who makes it her business to sell records, not sex, the message isn't a new one.

It's actually the same one she shared 10 years ago, when she released the song "Stupid Girls." Having taken three years off after her worst-performing record, 2003's was a fluke, and that she still had hits up her sleeve.

", for the first time in our nation's history, the idea of a woman in the Oval Office wasn't so far-fetched.

Clinton had just won a second term representing New York in the Senate, which many rightfully assumed would lead to a presidential bid.

She's always promoted the idea of feeling comfortable in one's skin, posing naked for PETA's "Rather Go Naked" campaign and later performing an aerial silks act in a flesh-toned body suit at the Grammys.

But she always assumed control over how she was showing off her body. No one had leaked it on the internet or taken her photo without her knowing.

She sounds exasperated as she sings about vapid, hypersexualized women being an epidemic for which there is no cure.

In one scene, Pink plays a girl in a bathroom trying to throw up what she consumed that day, complaining that calories aren't "sexy." By our super-sensitive 2016 standards, Pink gagging as she puts a toothbrush down her throat could be interpreted as judgmental, as if she's shaming women who struggle with eating disorders.


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