Pig Farm Business Plan

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Therefore you should construct a pen that is able to withstand their strength.

Since pig are known for wallowing in water because it keeps them cool, you should provide a pool for your pigs in their respective pens.

Bear in mind that pigs grow and reproduce very fast so you should may need to expand sometime soon.

Build Your Pig Pens Generally pigs grow to be strong and rough animals.

Depending on your startup capital and scale of business you want to start, purchase enough farm land to suit your need.

You can do the outdoor pig farming where you allow your pigs to roam free or have them enclosed in pens.

Pigs a very healthy eaters so you should keep their feed well out of their reach otherwise, they will finish 1 month’s food in a day.

Ask any pig farmer and he will tell you what to feed your livestock with.

Imagine that you can buy 5 piglets for N5000 and after 24 weeks of feeding them to maturity, you sell them at N60000 or more. Furthermore, pig meat is in high demand in the Nigerian market. Reasons being that they can eat any edible food you feed them.

They can be raised in controlled or free environment, as a small or large business operation.


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