Persuasive Essay College Athletes Should Get Paid

From high salaries to performance bonuses, it seems that the NCAA is a very profitable business considering it is a non-profit organization.

Yet, despite all of this cash floating around, the players who make the organization work do not see any of this money.

This is the equivalent to working two full-time jobs with a side job on the weekends just to pay their bills.

For NCAA executives, administrators and support staff who start feeling the burn around hour 42, they should remember that their student athletes’ jobs are not only intellectually demanding but brings them to the limits of their physical endurance as well.

In fact, they are barred by NCAA regulations from capitalizing on their status as great athletes at all.

The organization argues that student athletes are provided with full scholarships and a free education.

But, it is important to remember that these scholarships are the only means through which many athletes can make it to college.

Many college athletes do not come from privileged backgrounds, and their performance at their sport is one of the few chances they feasibly had at going to college.

For example, athletes who spend 90 hours a week training and studying will often find themselves starving well after the university’s dining facilities have closed.

There is no room in these scholarships for providing students with additional dining options.


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