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I found that they really understood how I felt and were able to help me find the right words that were hidden in my excited blabbering.I'd say that the toughest part of proposal writing for me was this translation of describing my internship as "really awesome" into a compelling and persuasive proposal that highlighted how crucial this fellowship would be to my short and long term goals.It's also a good idea to research the program you're applying to- this will not only make you more confident that this is a program you'd actually be interested in committing to, but citing particular people in that department whose work is of interest to you shows that you know what you're getting into.

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-- Xin Chen ('13) Revisions are the most important aspect of a successful personal statement.

Revisions are the only way to change your ordinary statement into one that will not only answer the prompt, but also one that will show your fit for that particular graduate program.

-- Dennis Ea ('13) My biggest piece of advice would be to guard against complacency.

Be ready to revise, and revise again, and revise three times after that.

Therefore, you need to be sure that when you send your cover letter off, it is as good as it possibly could be.

I found that going over my cover letters with Kathy made writing them much less stressful and was pivotal in my success with getting internships.My advise to you, then, is go into the writing center and get help with writing your cover letters; it might just be the thing that separates you from the competition.-- Sam Eckmeier ('13) Stay on task, plan to revise many drafts, and ask for all of the help that you can.-- Lingerr Senghor ('11) If there is any one piece of advice I can impart on writing personal statements, it would be to give yourself sufficient time to meditate, reflect upon, write and revise your statement.Personal statements are challenging because they're so complex and demanding.Be ready for people you care about to hate your personal statement, and tell you to start from scratch.Keep all of your old drafts and reread to get a feel of where you've been, and it will help you succeed in the end.Multiple visits with Kathy at the Writing Center, Susannah the TRIO writing assistant, and Brent from the Career Center drastically transformed my cluttered paper into a complete written reflection of my life goals and aspirations, which they helped me magically fit into less than 1000 words.Not only did these people have seasoned and experienced eyes and advice, but they provided me with new insights by echoing back my enthusiasm.To write a successful cover letter, you need to illustrate your credentials with precision, show off your writing ability, and illustrate to an employer why you’re worthy of their position in under a page.You also have to keep in mind that you submit a cover letter to someone who will be reading cover letters from many other worthy candidates.


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