Patriotic Essays 8 Grade

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8 "Even now our soldiers fight under this banner, fighting to protect our country." – Sean Simonelli, Gr.

7 "Our veterans have done so much for our county, I respect it (them)." – Travis Le, Gr.

Despite the fact that patriotism is associated with an awareness of political, economic, and socio-cultural movements, you don’t need to be an expert in these fields to write an A essay on patriotism.

Meanwhile, considering that patriotism has always been quite a touchy topic, there is a probability that you will find yourself desperately searching for new ideas about this topic since it is so popular in the academic circles. They will lack originality and most importantly, your own view on this topic.

If someone asked me 'Why do you have so much faith in a piece of cloth' I would tell him or her 'that it represents a country where everyone belongs here'." – Davin Garamella, Gr. 7 "I honor the American flag because it signifies our history.

7 "If we didn't have any of these freedoms, how would anything have been changed? It has been with us when we started off as a country." – Joshua Joby, Gr.Then again, if you ask anyone from polarized locations in the world, they will surely have different views on patriotism.Moreover, different people understand different things by the definition of this word.7 Photo captions: Pictured at the state: Veterans of Foreign Wars Dept.of CT Commander Jim Delancy, East Shoreline Catholic Academy Seventh Grade student Nathaniel Kerr (behind the podium), Voice of Democracy/Patriots Pen VFW Auxiliary Chairman Rose Angelicola & VFW Dept. (photo courtesy of Dave Greene) Pictured at Branford Fire Department:(left) Dottie Packer, NC, USN, retired, East Shoreline Catholic Academy Seventh Grade student Emillie Agamie (center) leads with the Pledge of Allegiance at the Wreaths Across America memorial ceremony, (right) Pamela Bold, HSC, USCG, retired (has served 3 branches of the military).Even though, you should be careful here because this type of essay is not as easy as it may seem.Whether you are striving to form your own definition of this phenomena or you are going to explore and analyze the credibility of other scholars’ definitions, the task here is to stay as clear and concise as possible.7 Another Seventh Grade student, Emillie Agamie, was selected to have her patriotic essay read at the Wreaths Across America ceremony that took place at the Branford Fire Dept. This was one of the stops the Honor Convoy made throughout its journey transporting evergreen wreaths from Harrington, ME to Arlington National Cemetery, to fulfill their mission to "honor our veteran's through the laying of wreaths on the graves of our country's heroes." Emillie had the honor of being asked to read her essay, and was honored to be asked to lead the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance.Additionally, our fife & drum corps and choir were invited to perform at this memorial ceremony.It is acting upon what you believe and demonstrating it with respect and honor...We can do that by saying the pledge, putting our hands over our hearts, thanking a veteran, and never 'taking a knee'." – Emillie Agamie, Gr.


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