Passion For Dancing Essay

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Once you have a qualification from one of these two boards, you can enter students in for exams.

If you wish to be more highly qualified, you can also study a range of degrees and diplomas.

If you teach privately, you can run classes to suit yourself, (In the evenings, during the week or at the weekends).

The annual income that a dance teacher can earn depends largely on where the school is situated and whether you are teaching privately or teaching in a state school.

Bodybuilders do not look like they do by only working out one day a week, and you will not maintain your ballet technique by taking one day of ballet.”“Maintaining good ballet training allows you to keep your alignment, core strength, full body control, flexibility, turnout and beautiful footwork,” explains Tiana Noecker, Groove convention ballet teacher and former professional ballet dancer.

Some dancers think ballet is “boring” or “slow,” that it really is comparable to eating your least favorite vegetable. I don’t want to take class’, I tell them to think, ‘If I don’t like this style of dance, it’s because I need more practice’.

She also finds it important to remind her students to work from their heart, through their technique.“Ballet dancers are fully aware of their footwork, weight placement over the balls of their feet, strong cores, full posture, and all of their movements come from their center strength,” Noecker says. “If you have wet noodle arms or stiff board arms, it’s due to lack of ballet training.

“Ballet dancers, put simply, move differently.”Stickel can always tell when dancers have had ballet by how they carry their upper body. I can also say the exact same thing with legs, too. If you don’t dance as one unit, it’s because your ballet training is lacking.”So if you’re one to think you’d rather ditch ballet, try to consider the art form’s years and years of history, and the benefits it can have for you as a complete dancer.

Dance teacher Many of the careers in the performing arts industry are practical, “hands on” roles.

One of them which I have chosen to research is that of a dance teacher.


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